At Werner Finley, we care deeply about the quality of our diverse range of products, and aim to give our clients, value and desired performance that are comparable to global standards.

Our products undergo a series of quality checks and test runs before they are made available for purchase. These include:

  • Meticulous visual, dimensional and functional tests to ensure the durability, reliability and excellence of each product.
  • Test certificates of sub-components are sought from the manufacturer to ensure traceability of the built system.
  • Our systems house components of reputed make, are tested individually for a number of parameters such as insulation, fitting, aesthetic value and alignment.
  • Each gas-filled product undergoes a leak test and vacuuming as per required standards and final checks of functionality and performance by our Quality team.

Our quality checks adhere to required ISO specifications and products are only released when they satisfy their rigorous quality standards. We strive for technical superiority for each of our products, and clients trust us for our efficiency in every project awarded to us.

Our engineers at Werner Finley scrutinise our finished products along pre-set guidelines and reject those that fail to reach the performance as per the specifications.

We hold the patronage of our customers in high regard and focus on building long term partnerships. When you choose a Werner Finley product, you are assured of a unique and customised experience with our experts and delivered products, that match global standards of durability, quality, performance and value.

We can thus ensure our partners of the quality and reliability of our products with confidence.